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Main » 2012 » June » 18 » 4x4 Summer Tournament by [_FFG_] Team
4x4 Summer Tournament by [_FFG_] Team

Hello everyone!!! Now it's summer time and a lot of you are not playing games. But still, there are people who play. So [_FFG_] team is organizing 4x4 Summer Tournament for Clans & Fun Teams. All matches are not official and should not be counted as Clan War.

Main tournament information:
> Tournament matches will be played in 4, 5, 7 arenas and 47, 48 bases
> All matches will be scheduled (date and time). No more than 1 match per day
> All matches will be watched by referees
> All matches will be played in League T/CW mode on Lithuanian host
> Of course all cheats and other cheating programs are not allowed
> +C, crouch, knife and other bugs are not allowed
> Have a team viewer program (if needed referee will check your pc)
> Maximum ping in game - 250
> Minimum FPS - 25
> All CW mode weapons are allowed
> If player gets a crash, referee has to pause the game (but if there was 1x1 and other player crashed, the game will not be replayed). If player doesn't show up in 5 minutes, referee unpauses the round
> Respect other teams
> Team can switch their player during the match but not during the round
> If one of teams don't show up on scheduled time, they will be counted as a loser team. If both teams do not show up, so both teams will be counted as a loser teams
> English is main language during tournament

We expect to make 16 teams tournament but if there won't be enough teams, tournament starts with 8 teams. Of course tournament can be played with 32 teams, but we don't think that this is possible. Tournament will take place in 4 groups (if 16 teams registered) or 2 groups (if 8 teams registered). Each team plays 1 time with each team (not only from his group. A group with B, C group with D). 2 teams, which have most points goes to the next round. Win gets you 3 points, draw 1 point, lose - 0 points. After that playoffs. If result is draw in playoffs, arena 2 will be started Tournament matches will be played in this period of time: 13 - 20 h GMT+2. So if you don't have time to play during this time interval, so don't register to tournament. So good luck for everyone! Signature will be as a prize.

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